Services that members can count on.

Account Types Available

Savings Accounts

Savings at WRFCU are insured by the National Credit Union Administration for $250,000. Dividends are paid quarterly on a minimum balance of $100.00. They are calculated using date of deposit to date of withdrawal. The Board of Directors declared to pay 1.75% APR/1.77% APY on all eligible share accounts. Minimum opening deposit $5.00.

Rates subject to change at any time.

Checking Account

Our checking accounts are totally free with no service fees and unlimited check writing. There is a $50.00 minimum opening balance. The Board of Directors declared to pay 1.75% APR/1.77% APY on all eligible share draft accounts. Minimum balance of $500.00 and must maintain a debit card.

Rates subject to change at any time.

Christmas Club Account

Our Christmas Club accounts are a great way to save money throughout the year for Christmas! There’s a minimum opening deposit of $5.00 required and funds will transfer into regular savings account November 1st of each year, in time for you to purchase Christmas gifts. Penalty for early withdrawal is $10.00

Share Certificates

Share certificates are issued for a fixed period of time and offers the current interest rates below.

1 Year$1,000.00 Min4.50% APR4.59% APY
18 Mos.$1,000.00 Min.4.25% APR4.33% APY
2 Year$1,000.00 Min3.50% APR3.56% APY
3 Year$1,000.00 Min3.50% APR3.56% APY
4 Year$1,000.00 Min3.60% APR3.66% APY
5 Year$1,000.00 Min3.75% APR3.82% APY
Rates subject to change at any time. Certain limitations may apply.

Subject to early penalty withdrawal.

Services for Account Holders

ATM Cards

ATM cards enable you to access either your checking or savings account from any ATM machine. Individual ATM machines may charge a fee per transaction. Visit to find a 'fee free' ATM machine near you.

The maximum withdrawal limit is $305/day.

Debit Cards

Apply today for our debit Mastercard to make payments faster and easier. A debit card looks just like a credit card and can be used wherever Mastercard is accepted. With a debit card, your purchases are automatically deducted from your checking account and you aren't using credit to cover the expense.

Maximum debit card daily purchase is $1,500.00.

If you feel your debit card has been compromised, call (800) 523-4175 to close your card.

Online Banking

Access to the Whiting Refinery Federal Credit Union is 24-hours with online banking. You can check account balances, see whether checks have cleared or if a deposit has been credited to your account, and transfer funds between accounts. Call the Credit Union to enroll in Online Banking.


Bill Pay

Pay your bills online for free with no monthly service fees. You can view and manage your bill payments from one secure location while scheduling unlimited one-time or recurring payments.

You can pay any bill, anytime including payments to companies, babysitters, doctors or to almost anyone who has a U.S. Address.

Direct Deposit

Fast. Safe. Reliable.

You can use direct deposit for salary payments, pensions, annuities, dividends, expense reimbursements and any other regular payments you receive by check. Contact the benefits, human resources, or shareholder departments of the companies that make those payments to set up direct deposit.

Shared Branching

With shared branching, you can perform almost all transactions at one of our partnering credit unions. Visit to find the closest location or text your zip code to 91989.

NCUA Insured

Savings at WRFCU are insured by the National Credit Union Administration for amounts up to $250,000. WRFCU pays the premium for this insurance and it's provided at no cost to our members.

Pay with Your Devices

Tokenization is available at WRFCU that allows you to use Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay. Contact WRFCU for more information.

New Services


Get your statements instantly and digitally. It's the simple, safe and convenient way to view your account statements with WRFCU.

Mobile App

Easily manage your internet banking with our new mobile app! This app was designed to help you access your balances and deposit checks on the go. Available in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Additional Services

Cashier's Checks

We offer cashier’s checks to members for a nominal $3.00 charge and can be issued in any amount. Cashier’s checks are used to guarantee the payee will be paid.

Money Orders

Personal Money Orders are similar to a Cashier’s Check and are used to make purchases or payments that require a higher level of reliability than a personal check. Money orders can be issued for amounts up to $500.00, and they cost just $1.00 to issue.

Theme Park Discounts

We have tickets available for Indiana Beach when in season. Call for current prices.

Notary Service

At WRFCU, we have a notary public available to help you get your business and personal documents notarized. Notarized documents ensure that the signature belongs to and was signed by the signatory.

Wire Transfers

Wire transfers in and out are available through WRFCU. Wire transfers require information to be known like Name, Address (no PO Boxes or Mail Stops), account and routing numbers. There is a $20 fee for outgoing wire transfers.

CUNA Life & Disability Insurances

CUNA Life and Disability policies are available to our members. Ask a WRFCU representative for more information.

Skip a Pay

Are you having trouble making your loan payment? Did you have unexpected expenses come up? You can take advantage of our Skip-a-Pay program for a low monthly fee of $35.00. For full terms, contact WRFCU.

Download the Agreement

Carfax Reports

WRFCU receives discounted Carfax reports for members, and we have free Carfax reports when you finance the reported vehicle through us. Available on all used cars and light trucks model car 1981 and newer.

Blue Book Values

You can call WRFCU and we can provide Blue Book Values on a vehicle you are looking to purchase. When calling, please know the year, make, and model along with odometer reading and any options on the vehicle.


If you have questions about services listed here, or any other services we may offer, please call  or email.